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Artist’s Biography

Paula Reid is a northern New Mexico artist working in the media of watercolor and oil. She majored in Fine Art at Ohio University, completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at the College of Santa Fe, and received her certification to teach art and English in secondary education. Since 1978 she has shown in various galleries, shops, and exhibits in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Currently she shows her work at Hand Artes Gallery in Truchas, NM and High Road Art Gallery in Truchas, NM.  She often has artwork in juried shows at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, NM.


Paula is retired from Northern New Mexico College in Espanola, NM, having coordinated academic advising in and taught remedial courses in English and reading. During her career and currently, she paints and pursues her vision of engaging children in the community in the arts.

  Artist’s Statement

What the act of painting does for me, I wish also for the viewer of art to have a purely aesthetic experience visually, to delight and find peace in creating/viewing a pleasing picture. Henri Matisse expresses my artistic impulses exactly:


"Painting should be a calming influence for the mind tired by the working day of contemporary man....What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity, and serenity devoid of troubling subject matter...a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue."


I choose the unique beauty and naturalness of northern New Mexico landscapes, architecture, scenes, and objects as subjects for my art. It is with these subjects that I employ a style that is also very much a part of northern New Mexico - a decorativeness that is found in traditional Spanish and Native American folk art. It is a captivating style that couldn’t help but work its way into my work in all the years I lived in Chimayo, Los Luceros, and Española. Also, there is a bounty of color, form, pattern, and full-bodied light in nature here that I wish to capture in my art.

Unique Glassless Mounting Technique

My watercolors are painted on watercolor paper using professional grade paints.  Because I prefer not to use glass in presenting my pieces, I adhere my paintings onto canvas (plain or with decorative border) or art board with acrylic gel medium.  The painting and canvas are protected with several layers of art varnish.  The pieces are ready to hang or can be framed.         

                Artist Resume

                                                                       Paula A. Reid

                                                                       PO Box 5185

                                                           Espanola, New Mexico 87533

                                                 (505) 747-6988





1993 – 1997              College of Santa Fe, Master of Arts in Education for At-Risk Youth.  Santa Fe, New Mexico

1985 – 1988              College of Santa Fe, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with

                                certification in secondary education in art and English.  Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1982 – 1985              Northern New Mexico Community College, major in Fine Art and Human Services.  Espanola, NM.

1967 – 1969              Ohio University, major in Fine Art.  Athens, Ohio.




2020 - present          Independent Artists Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2012 – present          High Road Art Gallery, Truchas, New Mexico

2010 – present          Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center, Espanola, New Mexico

1996 - present           Hand Artes Gallery. Truchas, New Mexico.

2006 - 2008               Mitote Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2005 - 2009               Abiquiu Gallery and Gift Shop. Abiquiu, New Mexico.

1995 – 1997              Mariposa Gallery.  Alcalde, New Mexico.

1989 – 1994              High Road Gallery. Cordova, New Mexico.

1979 – 1986              Potrero Trading Post.  Chimayo, New Mexico.  Embroidered fabric paintings.

1978 – 1979              Primitives and Contemporaries Gallery.  Santa Fe, New Mexico.   Embroidered fabric paintings.



2012 - present          Various juried shows at Art Center at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, NM

2014                        Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center, Espanola, NM: "Villa, Reid, Vigil" group show
2012                        Winner, Espanola Valley Arts Festival award and poster

2012                        Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center, Espanola, NM: 

                                                                                                           "Enchanted by the Land and the People"

                                                                                                           "On and Off the Press"

                                                                                                           "The Nature of Art"

                                                                                                           "Made in New Mexico"

2010                        3rd place in painting, Valley Art Festival, Espanola, NM:

2010                        Art Center at Fuller Lodge.  Los Alamos, New Mexico: "Roots" juried show.

2008                        Art Center at Fuller Lodge.  Los Alamos, New Mexico:  Traditional Fine Arts and Crafts juried show.

2007                        Art Center at Fuller Lodge.  Los Alamos, New Mexico: "Enchantment" juried show, won Staff Award.

                                                                                                            "Small Works, Big Ideas" juried show.

2006                        Art Center at Fuller Lodge.  Los Alamos, New Mexico: Portal Gallery at Fuller Lodge one-person show

                                                                                                            "Flowers" juried  show

                                                                                                            "Timeless Landscape" juried  show.

2000                        Winner, annual Espanola Valley Arts Festival award and poster.

1999                        Winner, first place award in watercolor, Espanola Valley Arts Festival.  Espanola, New Mexico.

1998                        Art E. S.  Espanola, New Mexico.  "Sunflowers" group show.

1998                        Art E. S.  Espanola, New Mexico.  "The Familiar and the Fantastic."


© 2010, Paula Reid Arts. All rights reserved.

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